Virtual Production & Motion Capture

VIPS is a quick to deploy tracking system compatible with nearly every type of camera system, including cranes, dolly and Steadicam systems.

VIPS consists of a small rover placed on the camera and connected to the VIPS/ FIZ Processing Unit, from which data is sent to the render engine. The system uses a minimum of 8 beacons placed around the stage to calculate its position and an internal inertial measurement unit to calculate pan, tilt, and roll.


No line of sight required

Using radio (UWB) rather than optical tracking, VIPS beacons can be placed behind a green/blue screen.

Highly scalable

VIPS covers stages of virtually unlimited size without any deterioration in position quality.

Easy camera placement

VIPS can be quickly placed on a camera using industry standard connectors

Pan, tilt & roll measurement

VIPS features an inbuilt IMU providing pan, tilt and roll in addition to X, Y, and Z position

FIZ data integration

VIPS is capable of integrating FIZ data to provide a complete data set to the render engine.

Quick to deploy

The initial setup can be done in several hours depending on stage complexity and the re-initialisation takes only 2 minutes after power up

Live-steaming motion capture

VIPS supports popular rendering solutions such as Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder, and Disguise d3, with new support always being added. Talk to us about how we can integrate with your workflow today.

The following video shows VIPS tracking a hand-held camera and streaming the motion live into MotionBuilder which has a simple model of the test area. The feed is continuous, even when it passes under the table, as it does not require a clear line of sight. Instead, VIPS utilises ultra-wideband beacons and a built-in IMU to deliver 2 cm accurate 3D position and orientation at 100 Hz.

What are the applications?

As more computer-generated imagery finds its way into motion pictures and TV shows as well as games and real-time VR productions, the need increases for accurate tracking of cameras, actors, scenery, and other objects. VIPS is the ideal indoor positioning system for the film, game, TV and VR industry. Using UWB positioning techniques to give real-time indoor precision tracking, VIPS is as accurate asĀ optical tracking systems, whilst not requiring a clear line of sight. Possible applications include:

  • Pre-visualisation
  • Simulcam
  • Augmented Reality
  • Actor tracking and position aid for motion capture
  • Virtual camera tracking for match moving
  • Stage set up
  • Set survey and installation
  • Real-time virtual production
  • Scenery Tracking

We are particularly keen to talk with integrators and technical partners wishing to explore just how effective VIPS can be when applied to challenges facing the media and entertainment industry.